Gwinnett County Masonic Association

Goals & Objectives

The Board of Directors of the Gwinnett County Masonic Association is comprised of the Elected and appointed Association Officers and the Master or his appointed representative from each of the 10 Gwinnett County Lodges.

The Masonic Association sponsors the Gwinnett County Masonic Widows Fund which provides help to Masonic Widows in the form of a cash disbursement at the time of a member Mason’s death. This disbursement is presented to the Widow as soon as possible upon notification of a member mason’s death. For information on how to join the Gwinnett County Masonic Widow’s Fund, please contact any of the Association officers.

The Association is also well known for it’s Memorial Team headed by W.B. John T. Callahan. The Memorial Team is called upon at the time of death of a Brother Mason to perform a Grave-Side service if so requested. The team is comprised of any Mason available at the time of a funeral.

The Association sponsors a Secret Santa drive to raise funds to provide Christmas Dinner to as many families as possible during the Christmas holiday. The slogan ”Can you give up one meal a month, so that others can have this one meal a year” has been adopted as the driving force.

The Association could and should be used for enjoying social time together with our fellow brothers, their wives, and families. The Association could and should also be used as a vehicle to disseminate information from our state body, assist with Regional or District functions/events, bring the Lodges together to accomplish goals and objectives that might be too large for a single Lodge.

The Association is here to help with any problems or concerns your Lodge may have.

Be A Part; Not Apart; This is YOUR Association. It is here to foster support and comradery among the Lodges.